Part 4 (Conclusion)

Destroying Ashli

(CONCLUSION of a 4 Part Report)

Ashli Babbitt

**WARNING**  The screenshots at the end of this report of Ashli Babbitt after she was fatally shot are graphic. They are included because they visually convey the horror of a homicide for which there were zero repercussions.

“I tried to wait as long as I could. I hoped and prayed no one tried to enter through those doors. But their failure to comply required me to take the appropriate action to save the lives of members of Congress and myself and my fellow officers” — Lt. Michael Byrd speaking to NBC’s Lester Holt.

Photo – 43 (NBC News)

In the conclusion of this analysis (Part 4) we’ll examine in detail the last seconds of Ashli Babbitt’s life and how the Department of Justice’s investigation was predetermined from the start.

It would have been impossible to even consider allowing a Trump-supporting, Capitol trespassing, January 6th insurrectionist to become the sympathetic victim and a veteran African-American Capitol police officer to be tainted as the villain in this story.

The evidence strongly suggests that immediately after the homicide, a D.C. narrative quickly evolved that the shooter was the good guy and the deceased victim got what she deserved.

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Part 4 (Conclusion)

Destroying Ashli

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