A Tribute to Fathers

The root cause for virtually every cultural problem in the United States is the number of children growing up without fathers in their homes.

This is not the case within my own family. I am fortunate to have four sons (two sons, Mike and Matt and two sons-in-law, Dustin and Patrick) who are loving and dedicated fathers to their children. My grandchildren are all very young, very blessed and just assume that having dad at home is the way it is with kids everywhere. We know it is not.

This Sunday is the nation’s 112th celebration of the value of fathers. My effort here is to personalize this day by publicly thanking these men who are raising my grandchildren to let them know how valuable they and fathers like them are in the lives of their kids, their wives and society at large.

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One Father who has the Courage to Publicly Take on the “Woke” Establishment

Andrew Gutmann (Photo: NY Post)

As “wokeness” runs rampant in America’s public schools (and especially college campuses), most wealthy private K-12 schools had remained focused on classical education to the approval and support of parents paying their children’s tab.

But gradually this national infection has been invading those schools as well. Traditional, inclusive education where students are exposed to a variety of concepts and taught to actually think with some depth is under an insidious attack.

It is being replaced by an insidious “woke” mentality in which all of humanity (can never be aligned with common purpose or goals but) must be divided into two groups that can never be permitted to come together: victims and oppressors.

One parent at the $54,000 per year Brearley School in New York City had enough of the changes and proceeded to write one of the most powerful letters you’ll ever read. It was initially posted here and reported in the New York Post.  We’ve decided to post it below in its entirety. It is absolutely brilliant and I urge you to read it.

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The Moral Triumph of Western Civilization

Part 9 – The Dawn and Moral Foundations of Capitalism

(Part 9 of a multi-part series on The Moral Triumph of Western Civilization.)

Thomas Aquinas was born during the same time period that Genghis Khan was ravaging western Asia. Aquinas became one of the most important figures in the development of Western Civilization, especially in reconciling the brilliant (but pagan) philosophy of the ancient Greeks with historical Christian theology.

In his landmark book, Summa Theologica, Aquinas brought together Biblical revelation with human reason; in particular the philosophy of Aristotle, whom he considered the greatest of the newly rediscovered Greek philosophers. Recall that most of the works of the ancient Greeks had only been recently found mostly through cooperation with the Islamic world from about the mid-12th to the mid-13th centuries.

Aquinas is considered one of Western Civilization’s greatest philosophers for proclaiming that reason was a gift from God instilled in humans to be used to understand, explain and enjoy His creation.
Both Augustine and Aquinas applied reason to God’s Word. Aquinas argued that faith must precede reason which had to be used with humility — the understanding that our intelligence and knowledge as humans is limited.

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The Moral Triumph of Western Civilization

Part 9 – The Dawn and Moral Foundations of Capitalism

Do schools’ “zero tolerance” policies = zero common sense?

Most school districts across the country have variations of what are commonly known as “zero tolerance” policies. (The name makes little sense given that we’re supposed to place a high value on tolerance.)

In an effort to avoid any accusation of discrimination, “zero tolerance” policies are favored since they eliminate human judgment or discretion.

In some cases and for some offenses, this policy has gone so far that school districts literally don’t care who is the perpetrator of the offense or the victim.  Administrators just give out blanket punishments.

Consider the case of a 14 year-old, Sacramento, California boy with both mental and physical disabilities who was suspended for five days for defending himself. Yes, that’s right. Defending himself.

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Socialists’ plans to control America’s schools

The recent surge in socialism’s popularity has emboldened organizations like the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) to become even more active in the education (indoctrination really) of our children.

Campus Reform reports that YDSA along with the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission have authored an 11-page pamphlet how young socialists can acquire a job in public education.

Their path to success apparently begins with teachers’ unions. Though it hasn’t been considerably pleased with these unions in the past, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) believes it is now in a position to strengthen its “‘presence in them, to help shape, the militancy and political ideology of those unions.'”

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U.S. Constitution: How can we protect it if we know so little about it?

Most Americans say they love their rights formally acknowledged in the Constitution but shockingly, 40% of those surveyed by the Freedom Forum Institute could not even name one of the five freedoms stated and protected by the First Amendment.

Just one in eight could name two. And of the 1,009 Americans surveyed, just one person named all five (they are of course free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, freedom of the press, and freedom to petition the government).

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