The Moral Triumph of Western Civilization

Part 1: America and Western Civilization Under Attack

(Part 1 of a multi-part series on The Moral Triumph of Western Civilization.)

Nothing in history has benefited the human race like the ascendancy and dominance of Western Civilization. In this multi-part series we’ll prove it.

Many think of Europe when Western Civilization is mentioned but Europeans got a very late start toward civility. “Half of man’s recorded history had passed before anyone in Europe could read or write.”1

When the Roman Empire officially ended in 476, the European continent was a wasteland of crumbled “roads” and barbarian marauders. How then was it possible, that this disorganized, illiterate, unconnected region would come to dominate the world over the next millennium?

This is the first of an occasional series on the unlikely miracle of Western Civilization. Much to the dismay of multiculturalists, modern civilization grew and matured in Europe due to an amazing confluence of events unquestionably directed by a very patient God.

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The Moral Triumph of Western Civilization

Part 1: America and Western Civilization Under Attack

Portland’s mayor allows “Antifa” to reign over his city

Mark Graves

Portland Oregon’s Democratic mayor, Ted Wheeler, has chosen to subordinate rule of law and protection of his citizens to the fascist mobs that erroneously call themselves “Antifa.”

For over five weeks this summer, Antifa members camped out in an area next to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office in Portland. They trapped office workers inside by barricading exits. During the night, they blocked traffic on the street that was also a key route to a nearby hospital.

According to journalist Andy Ngo, writing in the Wall Street Journal, when workers made frantic calls to the local police for help, Portland’s police chief, Robert Day, said he was “denying their request…” It could have something to do with the fact that Mayor Wheeler is also the police commissioner.

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