In just two years, six-year-old James might face chemical castration. Can he be saved?

There is a tragic story coming out of Dallas, Texas published in The Federalist about a 6-year-old boy named James who is caught in a life-changing, ideological tug-of-war between his divorced parents.

Divorce scars a child of any age but recent actions by the adults supposedly operating with the child’s best interests at heart may take the permanent damage to a much higher level.

We don’t know how it began but his mother, a pediatrician, took young James to “counseling” with an outwardly pro-LGBT therapist who diagnosed the boy with gender dysphoria. She advised his mother that he should be raised as a girl.

James’ mother enrolled him in first grade using the name, “Luna,” while dressing him as a little girl.

The diagnosis is tremendously critical for young James because he may be required to undergo life-altering physical changes — sterilization —  in just two years when he is only eight years old.

The therapist apparently ignored considerable evidence to the contrary presented by the boy’s father and subsequently affirmed her diagnosis.

When James is with his father, James must be presented with the option to dress as either a boy or girl without the father’s influence.  James always chooses to be a boy when he is with dad. He has male friends and witnesses have stated that there is no indication that he wants to be seen as a girl when he is staying with his father. He interacts well with boys and enjoys playing boys’ games.

James is likely a child reeling from the obviously nasty divorce and just wants to please both his parents when he’s with one or the other.

In court documents, the mother has charged the father with child abuse by not affirming James as Luna, a transgender girl. She is also demanding that the father pay for the gender dysphoria-affirming therapy and later for “hormonal sterilization,” beginning in just two years.

In making a correct diagnosis of gender dysphoria in a child, a therapist must see that the child is “persistent, consistent and insistent about being the opposite sex.” James has clearly not shown these conditions. When the therapist asked James his preferred name, he responded “Luna” when only his mother was present and “James” when the session was just with his father.

Dr. Susan Bradley founder of the Toronto Gender Identity Clinic and who has 40 years of clinical experience says, “We know from multiple studies that around 80 percent of gender dysphoric children will desist from their cross-sex identification in childhood to identify with their natal sex.”

Executive Director of the American College of Pediatricians, Michelle Cretella, says the pediatric profession’s embrace of rapid hormonal treatments to children is nothing more than “institutional child abuse.”

The mother, the therapist and potentially the state of Texas would have to ignore considerable evidence to the contrary to choose to chemically castrate this young child.


[The author of the article is by Walt Heyer who was dressed like a little girl by his grandmother when he was a child, went through the entire transgender process including surgery and years later detransitioned back to a man. He says that the actions of his grandmother and the therapist ignoring a number of other psychological factors destroyed his childhood and caused him 50 years of torment. He desperately wants to “Save James.”]

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