Deep State employees paid 80% more than private sector workers

A couple of weeks ago there was uproar when President Trump announced he wanted to freeze the salaries of federal workers. Unfortunately he’s subsequently back off on the proposal.

What he ought to do is freeze federal (non-military) wages until they reach parity with private sector workers. He won’t do this of course because it would take years for the private sector to catch up.

After all, the five wealthiest counties in the country, based on median household income, all happen belong to the Deep State; all are surrounding counties of Washington, D.C.

According to Investor’s Business Daily, the Bureau of Economic Analysis says that federal employees had total compensation (including salary and benefits) of $127,259 in 2016. But the average private sector household income is just $70,764 meaning that federal bureaucrats, on average, make a staggering 80% more than those not in government.

Given that federal government jobs are far more secure (layoffs or terminations are exceptionally rare), they should actually be compensated less. Today’s absurd 80% gap was just 30% in 1990.

Is it any wonder the Deep State has declared war on the Trump administration?  It’s desperate to ensure that private sector workers/taxpayers continue to feed its addiction to tax revenue.

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