True nature lovers

Well, you’re obviously quite naive if you thought that the 80 varieties of sexuality covered by Tumblr are all there are. Now another form of human sexual desire has blossomed on to the American scene.

Professor Lauran Whitworth of St. Mary’s College of Maryland has published an article in the journal, Feminist Theory, in which she talks about the apparently growing and arousing practice of “ecosexuality.”

This is for the person who wants to take the earth as his or her lover. (She makes no mention of any question of incest if one speaks longingly of Mother Nature.)

She speaks of performance “artist” Annie Sprinkle’s first hook-up with a Redwood tree in Yosemite National Park, “’I loved the scent of the trunk, like vanilla mixed with soil. I have a strong memory of coming across a redwood that had fallen over from a storm.”

Thankfully she does not go into detail after that.

Amanda Morgan, a faculty member at the UNLV School of Community Health Sciences, is also strongly involved with the ecosexual campaign. She says the movement now is about 100,000 strong and includes those who wish to “f— trees, or masturbate under a waterfall.”

Sprinkle along with Elizabeth Stephens have now made the pursuit of ecosexuality a lifelong mission and are encouraging others to do likewise.

They profess, “”We make love with the Earth. We are aquaphiles, teraphiles, pyrophiles and aerophiles. We shamelessly hug trees, massage the earth with our feet and talk erotically to plants.”

No one knows yet if they were born that way.  One also wonders though if natural vegetation like cactus plants or poison ivy are slightly less arousing to ecosexuals. One can only hope so.

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