Burn the American flag? No problem. Burn the LGBTQ flag? Get 15 years in prison.

An Iowa man, Adolfo Martinez, 30, was just sentenced to 30 days in jail for “third-degree harassment” and one year for “reckless use of fire” when he stole an LGBTQ flag from a local “church.” That doesn’t sound so bad but what sets this case apart is Martinez was sentenced to another 15 years on a hate crime charge.

Martinez may have thought this act could be no worse than if he had burned the American flag since the Supreme Court ruled in the case of Texas v. Johnson (1989) that (American) flag burning was protected speech under the First Amendment.

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The hypocrisy of the Yankees and the cowardice of the Flyers in the Kate Smith controversy

Partially covered statue of Kate Smith at the Philadelphia Sports Complex. (Photo: NY Post)

This week the New York Yankees stopped using a recorded version of Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” that had been played during the seventh inning of each home game since 9/11.

Just a day later, the Philadelphia Flyers announced they were removing the Kate Smith statue next to its sports complex that was erected as a tribute to the deceased singer whom the team had adopted as its good luck charm after it won the Stanley Cup in 1974.

The Flyers released this statement: “While Kate Smith’s performance of ‘God Bless America’ cannot be erased from its place in Flyers history, that rendition will no longer be featured in our game presentations. And to ensure the sentiments stirred this week are no longer echoed, earlier today we completed the removal of the Kate Smith statue from its former location outside of our arena.”

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The media said this was the face of an intimidating bigot. How wrong they were.

Photo: (Screen shot) NBC Today program. Nick Sandmann

Behold the face of a cocky, intimidating bully. Obviously an all-American bigot. A man, err, boy who needed to be summarily condemned by many of the most powerful media organizations in the country. And all this long before the 15-year-old grows his first whisker.

The mainstream media’s portrayal of the incident in Washington, D.C. on Friday, January 18th was far worse than the incident itself. It was deliberately caused by a well-traveled activist, whose background the media conveniently chose to ignore or not even look into. (See tweets at the end of this article.)

News organizations and reporters just didn’t get it wrong, they rapidly jumped to their desired conclusion by overlooking tons of evidence to the contrary right in front of their biased noses. They WANTED this Catholic kid to be a bigot; they NEEDED the kid to be a bigot. He just fit the narrative too perfectly.

Why? Mostly because he had a red MAGA hat on and was coming from an anti-abortion rally.  But also because he is white, male, Christian (and Catholic to boot).

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In just two years, six-year-old James might face chemical castration. Can he be saved?

There is a tragic story coming out of Dallas, Texas published in The Federalist about a 6-year-old boy named James who is caught in a life-changing, ideological tug-of-war between his divorced parents.

Divorce scars a child of any age but recent actions by the adults supposedly operating with the child’s best interests at heart may take the permanent damage to a much higher level.

We don’t know how it began but his mother, a pediatrician, took young James to “counseling” with an outwardly pro-LGBT therapist who diagnosed the boy with gender dysphoria. She advised his mother that he should be raised as a girl.

James’ mother enrolled him in first grade using the name, “Luna,” while dressing him as a little girl.

The diagnosis is tremendously critical for young James because he may be required to undergo life-altering physical changes — sterilization —  in just two years when he is only eight years old.

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Charles Schulz a racist? Absolutely not!

One of the most prevalent concepts on college campuses today is something called, “implicit bias.” It could be defined as being outwardly inclusive but inwardly or subconsciously bigoted.

For example, from Harvard to UCLA, you’ll find “implicit bias” training or mandatory courses for faculty and incoming freshman (freshpersons?).  (See here, here and here).

It could be argued that searching for bigotry is now America’s favorite national pastime. To support the premise that all minorities are victims of a white male orchestrated society, virtually every aspect of everyday life is examined closely for even the slightest hint of racial prejudice.

Now, we find that Charlie Brown is accused of being a bigot — or rather his creator and animator, the late Charles Schulz.

This screen shot from “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” that aired on ABC just before Thanksgiving was cited by many in the Twitter universe as an example of Schulz’s explicit bias by having Charlie’s black friend, Franklin, seated by himself on the opposite side of the table from Sally, Charlie, Peppermint Patty and Snoopy. Linus and Marcie are at the ends.

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Transgender “women” in female sports: Let them compete or totally unfair to women and girls?

Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen, Rachel McKinnon, Jennifer Wagner.

What do we, as a compassionate society, do with transgender “women” who are physically biological males competing in female sports?

What about an international women’s soccer team comprised of mostly men?

So what if competitive women or girls get pushed aside or are denied recognition or scholarships due to guys competing in their sports? If we already allow “girls” with their male genitalia still intact in girls locker rooms in middle and high schools, what’s the big deal about a “woman” with ‘nads competing in women’s sports?

Well, it is a big deal to some female athletes who are talented, hard working and want to compete against other women but not against dudes who are now “women” simply because they declare it.

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Some strong women do not believe Christine Blasey Ford

Though the majority of American women appear to believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault accusation against Brett Kavanaugh, the news media are surprised that a considerable number of women find her presentation both unbelievable and embarrassing.

Octogenarian Doris O’Brien, writing in the American Thinker says Ford has “belittled” all women by appearing meek and fragile at the Senate Judiciary hearing last week. She says that if such an encounter (assault by Kavanaugh) actually occurred, by Ford’s own admission, there was no penetration, no physical harm or disability, only psychologically trauma. It should not have subsequently dominated her life.

O’Brien says that by speaking with no one about the alleged incident — close friends, family member(s) or trusted adults — she would have potentially become complicit in any future violent acts against other women by Kavanaugh. Ford says she even left her good friend, Leland Keyser, at the party completely unaware that she was now alone with four guys, two of whom had just tried to rape Ford. Some friend.

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A federal judge agrees. This person is neither male nor female

A federal judge in Colorado ruled that a “non-binary” Navy veteran, Dana Zzyym, does not have to indicate whether he/she is either male or female on the passport application. The plaintiff said he/she is neither and didn’t want to state an untruth on the application because the penalty would be a perjury charge.

The judge said that under the Passport Act of 1926, the State Department did not have the authority to enforce a “binary-only gender policy.”

Zzyym’s lawsuit began four years ago under the Obama State Department and continued into the Trump administration.

Sexualizing Sesame Street (Please let kids be kids!)

Many in the LGBTQ community are celebrating today.

Why? Because one of the writers for Sesame Street has outed Bert and Ernie according to an article in the UK Sun.

Though Bert and Ernie have been a fixture on Sesame Street since 1969 and gay writer, Mark Saltzman joined the organization in 1984, he has modeled them after his relationship with his partner, Arnold Glassman.

Saltzman actually co-opted the beloved characters to fit his own personal relationship though it was 15 years after they were introduced. He told Queerty that he was Ernie and Glassman was Bert.

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Nike: Use a true American hero for your ad campaign!

It might have been too much to ask of Nike: Use another former professional football player and true American hero for your ad campaign. And it isn’t Colin Kaepernick.

In 2002, with 9/11 still fresh in his mind, 27 year-old, Arizona Cardinals’ defensive back, Pat Tillman walked away from a $3.6 million contract to join the Army.

He was shot and killed by “friendly” fire in Afghanistan shortly after leading his Army Rangers up a hill toward the enemy after he and comrades came under fire. Because of much of his effort, none of his men became casualties.

In 2004 he was awarded the Silver Star posthumously for gallantry on the battlefield.  According to the L.A. Times, the Army said he engaged the enemy “without regard for his personal safety” in presenting the award.

True nature lovers

Well, you’re obviously quite naive if you thought that the 80 varieties of sexuality covered by Tumblr are all there are. Now another form of human sexual desire has blossomed on to the American scene.

Professor Lauran Whitworth of St. Mary’s College of Maryland has published an article in the journal, Feminist Theory, in which she talks about the apparently growing and arousing practice of “ecosexuality.”

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